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Perfect Pitch

for BIO 2018

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This free webinar with international pitch coach Linda Plano will give you proven tools and real-world examples to help take your pitch from also-ran to compelling.


... on being accepted to the Canadian Mission to BIO 2018. This program is an amazing opportunity to connect with major corporations, investors and others that want your innovative solutions.

Your ability to pitch your smart value proposition in a compelling way to potential partners and customers is an invaluable tool in achieving the success that you deserve.

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You have just seconds to capture the attention of a potential partner. And yet most entrepreneurs waste valuable time with details that bore or confuse their audience. Learn how to start with what matters to any audience.



Talk is cheap! Learn how to use the best information you have available to convince even skeptical audiences that you are the right innovator with the right green chemistry approach to solve an important problem .


Most entrepreneurs end their pitch without completing it. Learn how to wrap up your pitch with an "ask" that is compelling and in your audience's sweet spot, instead of just assuming that they will figure out what to do on their own.

What you'll learn

  • 10 Questions every pitch should answer
  • 4 kinds of pitches every entrepreneur needs
  • 1 critical mindset change

Your international fundraising & pitch coach

Linda Plano has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs since 2005 who have gone on to raise well over $250M. She founded Plano & Simple so she could focus on coaching entrepreneurs on making a compelling case for their value propositions while strengthening their business plan at the same time. Her passion for coaching started when she helped launch and then run the Cleantech Open Northeast business competition.

Linda's one-on-one clients range from first-time entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs with a track record of success. Industries include cleantech, life sciences, digital and web, fintech, materials, robotics, consumer and everything in between.

Linda also delivers workshops, training and coaching to cohorts of innovators in accelerators, corporations and other organizations. 

Services are delivered online or in person. In 2017 alone, she participated in programs in Thailand, Greece, Portugal, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Estonia and France, as well as in her hometown of Boston, MA, USA.

Linda is an experienced businesswoman, entrepreneur, and scientist (PhD Stanford, BS MIT). She has co-founded and managed major accelerator programs, investor conferences and pitch showcases, as well as mentoring programs.